Sunday, October 19, 2008

i'm sorry if i couldn't be
couldn't be good enough
but i am who i am, and that's more than you see
and through these years my skin has gotten pretty tough
but that doesn't mean you can never break through

And that puzzled look on your face
when you hear of my troubles just makes me laugh
because you swear that you're different, but I hear those words said in poor taste
but some how I'm disillusioned enough to think that maybe this will pass
that you'll be different

Because with all the good there is
it can still be such a cold world
and I'm told that i cant know anything about life, that I've hardly lived
but I've dealt with everything that comes my way, all that is hurled
and I've grown up fast, and maybe missed out on what I've always wanted most

I'm hoping that day will come
when it will all make sense and you will come stand by my side
and see everything that's been done
every time you lied
but i probably should stop wishing
because even if you were to one day know
am I even worth enough to you
would you even let it show?

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