Monday, September 29, 2008

Give Me the Truth

For this moment in time
lets pretend that you're just a boy,
and im just a girl.
Lets not worry one bit about time -
or anything else in the wrold.

just look me in the eyes
and tell me what you think,
tell me how you feel
dont tell me it was all a lie
everything thing that was and is, you know its real.

Please just look right at me,
and tell me what is truth.
Tell me all that can be,
and tell me what its worth.

Because I know my place
and you know yours
but please help me to know if these roles should face
and walk this earth

If just for a time.

Because im just a girl,
and you're just a boy
and now matter what you call it,
it still means all the world.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I've always tried to live a good life,
but honestly - who doesn't?
And at the end of the day
sometimes your best, just isnt good enough.
Because life is one big game,
and some of us dont have the instructions,
were missing a few of the pieces,
we might even have to play with a few cheaters.
But then again - we dont have the rule book,
do we?

And after all this, we keep trying, keep striving
to win, to figure out this game.


When you say "the hell with it" is when you actually escape the cycle.

You start to enjoy living.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Seconds slowly tick away
as each moment fades
and we both are left to face the day
I'm locked inside this cage

And as the sun revolves
from here in the west to there in the east
these issues cant be solved
I cant travel all those streets

Now the only glimpse of you I can catch
is those few memories that wander through my mind
and its all I can do to watch my life pass
when its you that I cant find.

Some of my fondest memories are when the days were fast
and the melodies clear
do you remembered when we watched the clouds pass
and we spoke in quiet fear

that steady beat is still clear in my mind
all the words and all the looks
surprisingly kind
time has stolen you away from me like some dirty crook

there isn't anyone who can take the place
that whole deep inside is left hollow
all I have to cling to is that look on your face
and that place there in the meadow

Friday, September 19, 2008


you dont know me
you dont need me
you dont even care

will you hold me
will you see me
do you know im there?

but you are far
and trapped in you
so I guess I must be fair

that its not in you
even if its in me
so I'll never catch your stare

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Clouded Vision

Blurring the line.
Between reality and imagination,
between fact and fiction,
making some absurd limbo in between.

Trying to find the door.
Trying to find a way out of this.
A way back to the world I understand,
weather or not I enjoy it.
Searching, desperately.

No escaping it,
no way out...
Except, perhaps, time.
Trapped in the distance.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crossing the Line

I never say anything that I don't mean
but when it comes down to it
the words that were said the things that were seen
cant do anything to change this course
the path that you've taken

and when it all comes down to it you should know
that all those days aren't regretted aren't forgotten
but I've let you go, and you have me
and the remnats of what was and were don't even show

because you are standing in the corner staring at your shoes
and I'm across the room talking
and that line is never crossed, even with nothing to loose
all that was made and agreed to never used

and now I'm running away
from all that awkwardness, all that anger and regret
because its clear you have nothing to say
so I'm searching frantically for another place, where things wont be this way

and when it all comes down to it, you should know that I never look back
I know better than to return to what was
I never look back, but see what could be now, what could be fact
and now I need to get back on track

because neither is willing to cross that line
and when I take a step forward you take a step back
and as the the cold air comes, it blows every thought out of your mind
every look, every time
and now I'm just a fly on the wall not even worth the thought at all

because I never say anything that I don't mean
and your actions and choices you've made have been seen
and I know now what you want, and I know what you wish
but I wont give you this

because I'm worth more than just a brush aside
worth more than just sideways glance
and from my presence you cant hide
because I will always be here
with a smile and a sigh

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I'm here
just standing
waiting for you to come and take me away
waiting for you to say anything
a "thank you" a "goodbye"
a "hello"
or anything, any one hint of your plans
of your future life
with or without me
because its that important.
But be assured that
either way i will be here
heart still beating, lungs still breathing
maybe a little slower
my eyes searching around for nowhere
and everywhere
because it lies there with you
take my hand,
take a hug
take my heart
but don't take my will to live
because sometimes that's all you have left
because I'm just standing here
waiting for you to come take me away
waiting for you to say anything

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


What is going on?
What do you want me to do?
So much anger comming my way
And all for telling the truth?

This doesnt make any since to me
What did I ever do wrong?
If I only knew I would make it right
And not have waited this long

But this cant be all me you know
You're not perfect to
But the minute I let you realize this,
you're out, you're done, you're through

I wish we could talk about this
And see each other through
Because even amongst all this fighting,
You should know i still love you

Monday, September 8, 2008

one day none of this will be here
not the sun nor the moon
and for many who forget to see
this day comes all to soon

but not for me
my eyes are wide
i love it all
and I take it in stride

High Above

I wonder if I will ever see you again
Ever stand with you by my side
Because you are far away now
And your voice is just an echo in my mind

How could this happen? how could you be gone?
If I had any choice
I would join you before long

But you are where I can not reach you
You are where I can not spy
The only way to get to you
Is if I could learn how to fly

Fly away to that other place,
That life that I don't know
That and patience,
For someday I know I will have to go

But you are up there now
And I am stuck down here

And it is all I can stand
Not to scream out in fear
Because I need you now
More than ever I know
I need your happiness, your love
To wrap around me and never let go

And I know you're watching me
From way up in the sky
Watching me and protecting me
Till the day I learn how to fly

Sunday, September 7, 2008

These City Streets

Snuggling into
the warmth of the past
those fond memories
the moments that last
and the what if's and maybes
please baby - maybe

your hands i wish
to forever clasp
while the screen on the clock
changing time so fast
trying to save this to memory
please baby - maybe

and I know that its here
and I know that its now
and up till this point
i have lived somehow
and it was all for you
and this life we have now
and it was all for you and this magic we've found.

we stand hand in hand
at the cross roads of our life
with your eyes holding me
right here by your side
and you say..
baby - maybe

Saturday, September 6, 2008


These feelings are welling up inside of me
I fear i'm about to burst
And just when i think things might look up
They take a turn for the worse
Why do I even try anymore?
Does anyone really care?
I sometimes wonder if you would even notice
If one day i wasn't there.
I'm falling from such a great height
And now i'm about to crash
I guess you never really know
How long the good times will last.