Friday, August 28, 2009

The Game

Waiting for time to tick away
I'll even take another day
when this game will be over
this trick that you've played

And on this old worn sofa I sit
trying to come out of it
still locked inside what has been
and hoping to forget

With every chance that passes by
I cant help but wonder why
I am always someones second choice
this I cant deny

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Come, grab my hand
just stay with me and don't let go
while we're here, right now
all we've got here is nine months to know

And as we both move closer
to that dark foreboding day
both anxious, yet still waiting
for what the other will say

So stop, and don't move
Please find a way to stay
Because with the whole world waiting
With their - rules, and game to play
I don't want this to turn into
the memory of a day

Lets see..

Well, I'm half way through my first week of college, and It has definitely been...interesting. I like most of my teachers (most), I joined a club (environmental awareness :D ), met a couple of "characters" (if you know what I mean), I've already been assigned and written my first essay (On grammar. I really hope I don't use incorrect grammar in it.. that would be bad), A stranger told me they love me, and.. I think that's about it.. All in all I have enjoyed the first couple of days, and I really hope I will be able to make new friends and really become a part of the campus (as well as do well in all of my classes). I suppose that for every moment of sheer frustration there will be one of enjoyment. At least I hope that everything will balance out that way. What I can say is this, I really wish that people would stop telling me that "college isn't high school". Um, hello? That's why it's called college! It's not like I haven't already spent the summer taking a class, I think I get that they are different.; )

Well anyways, I have had a good laugh reading this over. Hope this finds everyone doing well.

Today I will end this with 2 quotes from some of my Professors, just to give you a little idea of what I'm in store for this semester.

"You think college is expensive? Wait until you see the price of ignorance"

"The number 1 is like the planet Pluto.. useless"

Friday, August 21, 2009

I wish it was The Endless Summer

Today is my last weekday of summer. Next up college. I have more than a few trepidations about the up coming school year. Am I going to make new friends? Are my old friends going to forget about me? Am I going to be able to handle my insane amount of units? Will I ever get a job??

This summer has been especially important for me. It has also been incredibly short (switching to a school with a completely different schedule, I lost almost a month of my summer.) I've really tried to make the most of it, And I have. And now, with just a few days left, I'm at a loss for how to spend them. I so badly want to go out with a bang, but all I can think of are things like "I need new notebooks!"

I suppose I have already ended my summer in the ceremonial sense. With a bonfire; exactly the way I started it. As my friends and I all stood around the fire, we knew that this was both the end, and the beginning.

And each of us, were holding the key.

So I guess all that I can do now is just charge into school, and see what's waiting for me.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Do you ever just feel like you are down and out? Like everything is holding you back from doing what you really want to do? I have been feeling like that lately. Actually, I have been feeling like that a lot. But you know, I am not going to give up. Not at all. Because when you feel the way that I feel now, like you are fighting for a lost cause, like it's you against the world - well - those are usually the things that are worth fighting for.

Never stop fighting.

Remember, "All of us are in the gutters. But, some of us are looking at the stars" ~Oscar Wilde.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Good Music

This is a video I recently came across by Ingrid Michaelson. I love her music, and this song is so beautiful! I hope you enjoy!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things To Do

Go to an out door concert. Even if it's just your neighborhood band. After all, this weekend is the fortieth anniversary of the iconic Woodstock festival.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Being Me...

Sometimes, I have a really hard time thinking of something to write. It's not necessarily that I have a shortage of ideas or anything, but those always seem to come when I am (unfortunately) away from my computer. So this morning, when I was in a mood to write, but finding myself at a loss for ideas, I began to 'blog hop'. Just clicking from blog to blog, seeing if anything would give me any ideas. I found blogs devoted to pictures, some covered with fashion, ones about relationships, a craft blog or two, I even stumbled upon one with stuff I didn't want to see.. It's really quite funny how many blogs there are out there. I sometimes tend to think that I'm "unique" because I have this, a place to write whatever I want, whenever I want, that can be seen by people in any part of the world. And then I find that there are thousands of other people out there, just like me. In a way, it is sort of a comforting thought. Being able to say "I'm not alone in my craziness. There are tons of other people out there who love to keep up a site, just like me". Some of you might find this a little weird.. After all, who wants to be just like everyone else? Don't we all want to be individuals? Special? Well, I've come to find, that trying your hardest to be different, just helps to solidify you as being part of a group. Don't believe me? Just take a look at any high school. Uniqueness travels in groups. And you know what? There isn't anything wrong with that. Humans are social beings, and we are happiest when with others who share goals common to ourselves. So, don't try to stand out because when you are comfortable enough to not worry about blending in, people will start to see (and love) you for what really makes you special.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things I Love! - August 12, 2009


Peanut Butter

Horseback riding

Vintage Clothes

Frozen Yougurt

Monday, August 10, 2009

I love looking at old stuff. Sometimes, it really makes you wonder what that object has seen, the stories it could tell. Marriages, deaths, maybe even a crazy adventure or two. I think we all have two stories to tell. Yes, two. The one that we leave behind as our legacy, that close family and friends, maybe a few others will always remember us for. And then one that others will imagine long after we're gone. When someone else is left asking "who is that?", with they're imagination to fill in the rest. And I think I'm OK with that.

More than OK.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Things to do

Today, watch the sunset with someone you Love.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bring out the cake, because guess what I'm celebrating here at the Rhyme and the Reason? Anyone? Yes, that's right, it's our 1 year anniversary!!! I cant believe it's already been a year since I started blogging here. Looking back at all of my previous posts, it's easy to see how much things have changed for me. I love how I can still remember what it was that caused me to write every post, exactly how I was feeling. I love that. I also love how much the blog its self has changed. From the layout, to the traffic, it's been, more than anything else, so much fun! I can remember when my only traffic was from my mom and I, and now I have several followers - who I'm not related to! So, to all you who have been here from early on, and those who are just arriving, I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts, because I sure have enjoyed writing them!

Here's to another year!

Happy Blogging!


Caught between,
an impossibility
and a hard place.
No way that I can find,
out of this race.

Maybe it's just silly me..
in trying to erase
Whatever it is that keeps us -
from falling into place.

Just please, dont tell me,
that these feelings are waste.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today Is

A very uncharacteristic California day. Yes, very hot, overcast, with a sort of, dry humidity (yes, I realize this is a complete oxymoron, but I'm not sure of how else to describe it). As uncommon as this kind of weather is, I love it. It reminds me of Arizona weather, when a storm is brewing. Something about it just makes me want to, I don't know, do something different. Funny how the weather can effect our moods. A sunny day can help make us happy, a cloudy day can help make us sad.. But after all, everything is what you make of it.

I'll leave you guys with a song that I have just heard and love, and I think it perfectly describes how this day makes me feel. So, sit back, relax, maybe grab some iced tea, and enjoy!

Happy Blogging.

Monday, August 3, 2009


I am currently taking a summer class in psychology with my best friend at the local community college. Well in honor of Pavlov and his dogs, we decided to try our own classical conditiong experiment on her boyfriend. (for those who dont know, pavlov did experiments, where he would ring a bell everytime he fed his dogs. Eventually, the sound of the bell alone would make the dogs salivate). We made a video of our experiment, and, because I think it's rather funny, I'm putting it here for you guys to see! Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and before anyone freaks out that we have ruined poor Grant to be forever afraid of the sound of the bell, once the conditioning ends, subjects go through an 'extinction period'. In other words, this isn't permanent.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

With Everything You Were..

I thought that you were gone from my life
along with all that pain and strife,
that came - with everything you were, and everything in me.

While the hands on the clock lie somewhere 'round ten
I close my eyes and I'm back again,
back - with everything you were, and everything in me.

And as I sleep I see your face
a sight no longer as common place,
as it was - with everything you were, and everything in me.

And now I hope, laugh and cry
becuase with you back I've got to wonder why.
With everything you were, you were nothing to do with me.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Because it Needs to be Said..

Today I would like to talk about a little thing called etiquette. No, not the kind kind that you would use when having lunch with the queen of England, just common every day manners. Some of these may seem obvious, but hey, we all forget every now and then. So, here are my top rules to never forget.

Don't forget about what you say: It's easy to get caught off guard and say something that can be taken the wrong way. But it's important to use a filter. Think about what you say, before you say it. I'm not trying to cage any free spirits here, but there is a time and place for everything. Don't get caught bringing up something that could be considered mean or hurtful, even when intended to be Innocent enough.Don't complain, because anyone who has ever been around a nonstop complainer knows how old it can get really fast.

Don't forget about how you act: Let's face it, actions speak louder than words. But body language can be even harder to censor. Sometimes, it's best to just 'smile and nod' and then when you are alone or with a close friend let it all out. It is easy to misread other peoples expression. While you could be wincing at the unfavorable taste of a new flavor of gum, someone else may think that it is directed at a new necklace that they were so excited to show off. Just try to be aware of your surroundings, and take note of appropriate actions, and reactions.

Don't forget about what you wear: Now before anyone thinks of me as being incredibly shallow, allow me to explain. I'm notsaying that you have to wear designer clothes, or keep up with the latest fashions, but keep your self presentable. Wear clothes that fit your body, and are appropriate for where you are going, or what you are doing. You shouldn't wear short cut athletic clothes to the mall, or things that are over sized or way too tight. Wear things that flatter your body. I am not saying you have to dress up like you are going to the academy awards, but know your body. Got a problem area (and who doesn't?) then don't bring unwanted attention by wearing something that is too tight over it, or not covering it up at all.

Don't forget about time: Plain and simple, Don't be late. In fact, be early! Also, don't make plans you're not sure you cant keep, and if you are just not able to make it to something or have to be late, call ahead and let the other person know.

Don't forget to laugh it off: It can be easy to get annoyed when you feel like someone is being overly rude or inappropriate. But really, getting upset isn't going to make anything better. Sometimes it's just best to walk away, or laugh at the situation. Try to remember to stay optimistic, and hey, at worst you have a funny story to tell to others. Usually, it's just best to sit back and