Monday, January 5, 2009

Hey all. You have probably by now have noticed something a little bit different about the blog. Yep! I thought it was time to give it a 'face lift' to kick off the new year - and I'm not done yet! Along with the change in look, I will start doing something a new that I saw on another blog and thought was really cool. I know I love to read, and am always looking for a good book, so I figured some of you might be too. So, I'm going to be starting a 'teaser' post every so often.
Here is how it works:
~take the book you are currently reading
~pick two lines, and post them in a comment here
~be sure to include the title and author of the book, and try to avoid any spoiler lines.

And that's it! If you aren't reading a book at the moment, you can just use one that you have already read ;)


Amanda said...

"I take the sympathy that flows between us as a good omen and permit myself to worry aloud what lies in store for Sally, fishing for tidbits of information that Julian may have over heard among the staff. 'What is it you want from her?' he asks."

from pg 146 of Hurry Down Sunshine by Michael Greenberg. It's a true story, and the book is basicaly a father chronicaling his daughters "crack up" and struggle with mental illness. good book :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe I was wrong, maybe all my theorizing was wrong, and the timing of Maisie's fall had nothing to do with Compline. Maybe she was somewhere hidden away, listening to us calling for her, trying to summon the nerve to act - just as i am. Or perhaps she wanted a stretch of silence in which to let the world go. I could understand that. I can understand that.

I'll never know why she jumped, i see that now - I never could have known, I realized. Even if I had found that imagined letter, that last explicator document I'd been so sure she'd left behind ---

from page 379 of Sally Beauman's "The Sisters Mortland". A book about three young gilrs, three young men and a crumbling English abbey.

I'm still reading it...