Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24

So Tired. Ughhh.. And, my attempts at naping were futile, with my sisters phone in the next room going off about every two secondds. I have to start thinking about an 8 hour shift at work tonight. Double Ughhh. I honestly have no business working around children - or even worse, their parents tonight. I can just tell that my facade of calm, cool, and collected, which normally gets me by just fine, is gonna snap the second someone asks for more lettuce or tries to sweet talk a free bracelet out of me.

Maybe I could just tell my boss all this. They would understand, right?

Haha. Yeah, right.

I do, for the most part, enjoy working. Generally speaking, it is enjoyable, and hardly ever do I have a "booring" shift. (This doesnt necessarily guarentee that they are always "fun") Usually my enjoyment level is directly effected by whom Im working with. hmmm. who am I working with tonight?? Nope. Dont remember I know it probably shouldnt be that way, but it is.

All I know is, I've got an hour to get some what happy. Because going into my place of business unhappy (yes, I know I have failed to mention excatly where it is that I work, but I do have SOME privacy) is suicide. It just wont work.

Here's to sleep.

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