Friday, February 26, 2010

Do you ever have a day where nothing particularly "life changing" happens, but the tiny things that do add up to make it the best day ever? Yesterday was one such day. I overslept a half an hour, and still made it to school a half an hour early, people kept opening doors for me, several random people started conversations with me (which is especially exciting when you never get to see any of your friends on a regular basis), I had to give a speech that I had been especially stressed about - and it went great, then later when I was reading my peer evaluations (all of the students have to fill out a form for the speaker on what they did good and bad) I noticed that one of the guys in the class had written his phone number on the eval. What?!? I don't even know what I'm supposed to do with it, let alone what it's supposed to mean. But still that was a nice ego boost.

Then later that night, when I attempted to "put myself out there" and go to a church service for college students (I went last week also and felt completely alone because I knew NO ONE) I ran into an old friend! Uncomfortable situation averted!

I don't know why the stars aligned for me yesterday, but thank god the did. These past couple of weeks have, for whatever reason, really sucked. Hopefully, I've got more good days headed my way.

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Jacky Cheng said...

sounds like a great day! i guess life's about the small things that make you happy :)