Thursday, May 5, 2011


Old thorns are pulling into my scalp

While my brain prays that it’s worthy of these wounds
That I’ve built for myself
That you’ve built for me
That I still think I need
 That maybe I need

While new Gravity keeps at the meat of my cheeks
Drowning me – down into a distant enemy
Of a world where I know what I want
and I don’t know you
and I don’t know truth
 and I pray I'm a fool

Where the words are all I see and breathe
And just when I grow my wings
It’s my arms that I need
 It’s my arms that I need

This place where the blood in my eyes turns everything red
Where the truthful are the week and the deaf are the blind
Where the daydreams can speak but can never be said
 Where everything exists but nothing’s a sign

And the blood is my power
And the blood is my gain
And I can’t feel love or it was all for vain
 All for the specter hiding inside of my brain

The thorns here are brittle, and my hate is my love
And the dirt under my nails is close as any glove
Thread born by a place ignored from above
 In a pathway that won’t be lit

But you still think I’m worth it.

But Maybe I’m worth it

But Maybe I’m worth it


-Sometimes I don't even understand how these thoughts get into my brain-

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