Friday, November 13, 2009

To Write Love on her Arms

Today is TWLOHA day. For those of you who dont know, To Write Love on Her Arms is a non profit organization, which raises money to increase awarness and support for those dealing with depression, substance abuse, and suicide. (more info. on their vision can be found at

Through out my years in high school and now in college I have seen both directly (people whom I know and see often) and indirectly (people whom I run into from time to time, and even people who I dont know) the consequences that all of these issues have on those involved and the people around them. Depression and addiction is a dangerous slope- one that is almost impossible to escape with out some form of help. Many people who are dealing with these issues find themselves feeling utterly alone and lost, and I feel that it is up to all of us to offer a hand in help and friendship, and say "it's ok, I'm here". That's why I'm asking all you out there in blog land to join me today in writing the word LOVE on your arms. And when someone stops and asks what it is there for, tell them about TWLOHA, or you could even give them a copy of this post, because awarness is the first step.


Help, just like healing, happens one step at a time.


Lily Robinson said...

A blogger/facebook friend of mine did that. Thank you for explaining the organization. It is overwhelming how many lives I know are affected by depression and its consequences.

Thank you for caring...

Deb's Creative Art said...

LOVE!!!! all you need is LOVE... we just need people to give more... thanks my wonderful girl!! I love you

Organic Meatbag said...

Not only did you write "Love" on your arm, you did so very well!