Friday, November 6, 2009

For the most part, I like to consider myself a friendly, confident person. And looking back at some of the things I have accomplished in my 18 years so far, it seems to fit the bill. Or at least it did. You see, usually when I get started with something, I stick it out for a very long time; but sometimes, it's easy to forget that the way I end things is never the way I begin them.

Another little tid-bit about me: if there is ever something that I decide I really do not want to happen/do, it always ends up happening. It sucks when it happens by chance, but it's even worse when I unintentionally make it happen. It's like my life is freaking Oedipus or something (well, with out the incest and far less killings, but you get the idea).

The truth is, throw me into a new situation, and I freeze - I'm talking full on ice block. It's not like I blow things out of proportion, I constantly remind myself that the worst case scenario is never really that bad. And yet there I'll be, acting like a blooming idiot because my brain got scared and decided to peace out.

It's truly something I hate about myself, but try as I might it remains a part of who I am.

So, should you ever come across me at some sort of function, and see me making a complete fool of myself, just chuck that impression out the window. Because I promise that (given the right circumstances) there could be nothing farther away from who I truely am.

Happy Blogging.

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Anonymous said...

change your thoughts and you change your world my dear... I know..... MOM... but, that's me.... change the way you think... think better about the out come... expect the better out come... and you will recieve the better out come... but you need to believe it and feel it.... you get what you expect... :) I love you my beautiful daughter :)