Wednesday, December 2, 2009


First off, let me appolagize for the long gap between posts. Between work, school (and finals comming up), and getting sick I really haven't had the chance to post anything.

Well, Its been nearly a week since Thanksgiving. Is anyone done digesting their food yet? haha. This year, I was soooooo ready for the holiday.after a 30 hour work week and school crazies ness, I was exstatic for 3 days of doing (wait for it) Nothing!

Okay okay, so it's not like I sat on the couch all weekend. Here is a run down of what I did:
~Drove up to the grandparents house and got to see family
~Went Antique-ing
~played lots of trivial prusit
~made an outdoor camping style breakfast with my family
~got second place (just barely lost to first) in the annual family cook of. (Yes, my family does have an annual cook off. We are just that cool. You are jealous :] )
-and finally-
~Racked up some couch time!

I will be sure to add some pictures of the weekend soon.

What did you do?

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