Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Amanda Coats and the Mystery of the Invisible Parade

Today is the one and only St. Patrick's day! No, I'm not Irish, but I still consider today a fun and carefree day. Being on spring break, I decided that today I wanted to really celebrate the holiday. I spent a while searching on google trying to find some kind of event that didn't involve alcohol (which was a lot harder than you would think) seeing as I'm only 18. And then I saw it - exactly what I was looking for - a parade not too far from home at noon (at the time it was only 10:30). I excitedly pulled out my green clothes and got ready, already imagining all of the cool pictures (and maybe free candy) that I would take. At 11:45 I left my house, and drove to the supposed location.

No parade. I drove further down the street, and still no parade. I drove around for half an hour looking for the stinkin' parade, and all I found is how many Irish people obviously DON'T live in my hometown. I only saw about a handful of people wearing green; how disappointing.

Eventually I gave up and drove home, got on the computer, and found the link that had sent me on this wild goose chase. For some stupid reason, I still had home that I'd make it to the parade. Sure, maybe I'd be a little late, but I could still have fun, right?

I took a closer look at the page for the parade. I was already too late. Way too late. Try, 17 years too late. Yes, that's right, the page was for the 1993 St. Patrick's day parade. Can you imagine the look that came across my face when I read this?? Let me help you, it looked a little something like this:

Without the parade, my celebrating prospects were severely limited. I could always go get lunch at the local "pub and grill" but I assumed it would be packed with drunk people (also, I have this thing about going to sit down restaurants by myself. It makes me feel awkward..), I could drive down to San Diego - the closest city having any kind of celebration (also not an option. Me and highways are no bueno). If I was really desperate, I could dress up like a leprechaun and go looking for four leaf clovers, but some how I have a feeling that this option would have ended with me getting beat up.

So what did I do? I went to Mc Donald's and took a nap. Anticlimactic, I know. But hey, I tried.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everybody.

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Lily Robinson said...

I've done that myself! Not for St Paddy's day, but... you get the picture. It does seem that most events are centered around getting drunk. I'm not sure St Patrick would be impressed.

Thought I'd let you know that my blog Blahwg! has moved. Follow the link for the new location. I won't be posted on the old page anymore.

Hope you had/are having/will have a nice spring break. Some are back, and some haven't gone...