Monday, March 8, 2010

While Sitting in a Box

He pulled the curtains shut

------walked in circles as he went

"someone please turn the music up"
maybe I'll remember to forget.

Water howls and wind drips

such a suburban afternoon

------he can't pull back from that wish
that encapsulates this room.

lights dimmed
walls up
the cracks there from before
he hopes to find a bit of luck
who was it we used to dream for?

We do it for the weaker ones
--we do it for regret

The only thing we ask of you,
-------remember to forget.

When once life seemed so bare
still ready for it yet

He never thought it would hurt so much
or that he'd have to

-----remember to forget.

1 comment:

Brittany Rose said...

I aboslutely love this poem; just thought I should let you know. (: