Monday, August 3, 2009


I am currently taking a summer class in psychology with my best friend at the local community college. Well in honor of Pavlov and his dogs, we decided to try our own classical conditiong experiment on her boyfriend. (for those who dont know, pavlov did experiments, where he would ring a bell everytime he fed his dogs. Eventually, the sound of the bell alone would make the dogs salivate). We made a video of our experiment, and, because I think it's rather funny, I'm putting it here for you guys to see! Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and before anyone freaks out that we have ruined poor Grant to be forever afraid of the sound of the bell, once the conditioning ends, subjects go through an 'extinction period'. In other words, this isn't permanent.


aynzan said...

Oh Poor grant!! But how sweet he is to let you and his GF experiment Pavlov's theory on him..It was fun watching the video..though!

crystal said...

Ahh Pavlovian every time!