Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lets see..

Well, I'm half way through my first week of college, and It has definitely been...interesting. I like most of my teachers (most), I joined a club (environmental awareness :D ), met a couple of "characters" (if you know what I mean), I've already been assigned and written my first essay (On grammar. I really hope I don't use incorrect grammar in it.. that would be bad), A stranger told me they love me, and.. I think that's about it.. All in all I have enjoyed the first couple of days, and I really hope I will be able to make new friends and really become a part of the campus (as well as do well in all of my classes). I suppose that for every moment of sheer frustration there will be one of enjoyment. At least I hope that everything will balance out that way. What I can say is this, I really wish that people would stop telling me that "college isn't high school". Um, hello? That's why it's called college! It's not like I haven't already spent the summer taking a class, I think I get that they are different.; )

Well anyways, I have had a good laugh reading this over. Hope this finds everyone doing well.

Today I will end this with 2 quotes from some of my Professors, just to give you a little idea of what I'm in store for this semester.

"You think college is expensive? Wait until you see the price of ignorance"

"The number 1 is like the planet Pluto.. useless"

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