Friday, October 30, 2009


Last, night I played bingo. Not regular boring old bingo, but LEGIT bingo.

My old high school has been holding bingo nights as a fundraiser, so my mom and I figured "Why not go? Maybe we will win some money." So we paid the fee to play, and were given a ton of sheets. There were early bird games, triple triple, lotto cards, main games, I could go on and on. It was so overwhelming (luckily, we had one of the vets explain what everything was to us). Whats more, it 'ain't just about making lines anymore. There were corner stamps, crazy kites, six packs, hard way, easy way, odds and evens. Who even came up with all of this stuff? That being said, bingo was intense! Yes, that's right, intense. No wonder little old ladies like it so much. (there were a lot of older people there, many of them playing 4 or 5 cards at once! I could hardly keep up with one card!)

Surprisingly, the most exciting part of the night wasn't the bingo, It was the pull tabs. Pull taps are just like scratchers; uncover a box and see if you win (some of the pull tabs would even reveal numbers, and if you got a bingo on it you would win big bucks). With outrageous cheesy names given to the different types of pull tabs, it was hilarious when they would "go on sale". Everyone would wave money in the air saying "I want some trifecta!" or "Give me 'where's the beef!". Ok, so maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious.

During a friendly neighbor game (if you are sitting next to the person who wins bingo, you win a package of pull tabs)I just happened to be sitting next to the big winner. While most of the pulls tabs are duds, I managed to win $10.50 (can you say, coffee money?) Not bad for my first time (all though I would mind winning the big prize)

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