Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Driving Diaries

Today, I realized just how much driving I do, especially considering I haven't had my license for all that long. Driving to school, dropping off my sister, and going on Taco Bell runs (all of which are very regular occurrences) can really make driving seem like a chore. But today when I was on my way home from school - with the radio turned up and the windows rolled down - driving was just fun. Do you ever get the feeling that you just need a breeze? It's so hard to explain, but sometimes I feel like one of those little dolls that get really big when you put them in water; The right thing can just fill me up with happiness, to the point where I just want to smile.

It just felt so great being in my little space, doing my thing and enjoying myself. No wonder driving is considered such a rite of passage. It really is a little bit of Independence. And, as much as I sometimes hate it, there are also times when I love it.

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