Saturday, July 18, 2009


So yesterday I visited the Sawdust Festival and Art-a-Fair, all in beautiful Laguna Beach. I Make my way down to Laguna for the festivals every year, and I love it. They have everything, including art using all kinds of paints, professional photographers, mixed media pieces (art that can incorporate anything, from wire and news clippings, to wax and rope fibers), original jewelry and clothing, as well as art pieces (the Sawdust has demonstrations in blowing glass daily). These festivals make for quite a day. With the beautiful environments (flowers everywhere) art, demonstrations (when I went, the Art-a-Fair was featuring four artists who were all painting a model), and delicious food, it's definitely a lot of fun. And hey, if you make it through the numerous art fairs and still have some energy, why not walk through some of the local shops? Or maybe take a dip in the ocean?

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