Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We all have memories. Good memories, bad memories, even ones that no one else knows. They help us learn, help us grow and connect with others, even feel human. But, what happens when all you are left with is memories? What I mean is, what do you do when, something is lost. When the possibility of making new memories is lost forever, and suddenly you are gripping on so dearly to the ones you have locked inside your heart, afraid that - just maybe those will fade away too. Before their time. While in church years ago, the priest told us all, that when we loose someone we love, we cry not for them - but for ourselves. "How selfish" I thought. To do something so emotional, so passionate, to cry, for yourself. But I have come to discover, that there is also nothing truer. Humans, by their very nature, strive and long to be around others. If a newborn baby is denied touch and care during their early development, their emotional growth and ability to form connections will become stunted for a majority of their life. Friendship, really is all that matters.

And the thing is, sometimes you don't realize until they are gone, the impact someone had on your life. Even, if it's something as casual as a simple "hello" during class, or when you run into them at the grocery store. Sometimes, the people who can teach us the most about ourselves are the ones we never really get a chance to know, the ones who never really give us a chance, the ones who are kept separate. And maybe it's better that way. Maybe the lessons we learn from them retain some of their impact, if they also retain some of their mystery. I guess, that all I really want to say here, is that every one's life is just as must as much a gift as the next person. Everyone has their demons, and everyone makes a difference. Never be afraid to smile, and say "thank you", "I love you".
Do it everyday.

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