Thursday, July 9, 2009

Travel Time

I got this postcard in the mail the other day. I LOVE postcards. The picture on the front, the stamp from the city's post office on the back, I just think they are so cool. I love getting to see how each city has something different and unique to offer. Whether it be some cheesy tourist trap, or a life changing experience that lies off the beaten path (OK OK, so I admit to watching the travel channel for extended periods of time) I think it's important to soak up as much of the world as possible. Seeing how different people live, their attitudes and customs, their countryside and their cuisine, how their past has shaped the people and town of today. Granted, Philadelphia isn't exactly a world away from California, but I think that we'd all be surprised by the differences that can lye within the same country, and the similarities that can be found a world apart.