Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sing Me A Song..

I really love music. Honestly, I enjoy it way more than the average person and I love the way it can manipulate your mood. Whenever I am feeling down, and then a happy tune comes on the radio or my ipod, I automatically perk up. Once I read somewhere that music is what feelings sound like. I think that statement pretty much sums it up for me. Music is like abstract art, in that the listener can find whatever they want within the words, the sounds. A song may sounds terribly depressing to one person, while another may find a hint of hope flowing within it. Music has this uncanny way of unlocking what's already deep inside all of us. Our hopes, our dreams, our memories, and projects them into something that's so much more real to us. It's out there, and its vulnerable and I think that listening to something that you really connect with touches your own vulnerability, and sets it free. Even if just for a period of time, music lets us take everything deep inside us already, and throw it outside of ourselves, whether that means singing along, dancing, even crying. This kind of, reckless abandon is so addicting to me. Sometimes I even find myself thinking in a sort of, sing-song meter. Even more embarrassing is when these thoughts accidentally come out in words. At this tender time in my life, I feel like music is even more important now, and whenever I listen to an old song it seems like there is always some sort of memory attached to it. I love that. I currently find myself thinking about when I was younger, and how everyone wanted to be a rock star when they grew up, and now it all makes sense to me. Who wouldn't want to be able to harness that kind of, emotional purge, and turn it into something amazing, that millions of people would be able to find their own, personal and necessary beauty in. Of course, no one thinks like that when they are six, but that doesn't mean they cant still feel it.

I'll never stop feeling it.


Deb's Creative Art said...

I agree, and I'm older...:) and I still feel the same way about music!!! YAY for music!!

take me away.........

Meagan said...

Oh, I can't go a day without my music. Not just the kind on the radio, but instrumental. I am a band geek. :) Music rocks!

DragonRaid said...

I think music is the best thing we ever invented! lol

I have memories attached to songs too...too bad my iPod has been reset like 3 times and I keep losing the songs! :( argh! lol