Monday, September 29, 2008

Give Me the Truth

For this moment in time
lets pretend that you're just a boy,
and im just a girl.
Lets not worry one bit about time -
or anything else in the wrold.

just look me in the eyes
and tell me what you think,
tell me how you feel
dont tell me it was all a lie
everything thing that was and is, you know its real.

Please just look right at me,
and tell me what is truth.
Tell me all that can be,
and tell me what its worth.

Because I know my place
and you know yours
but please help me to know if these roles should face
and walk this earth

If just for a time.

Because im just a girl,
and you're just a boy
and now matter what you call it,
it still means all the world.

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