Sunday, September 7, 2008

These City Streets

Snuggling into
the warmth of the past
those fond memories
the moments that last
and the what if's and maybes
please baby - maybe

your hands i wish
to forever clasp
while the screen on the clock
changing time so fast
trying to save this to memory
please baby - maybe

and I know that its here
and I know that its now
and up till this point
i have lived somehow
and it was all for you
and this life we have now
and it was all for you and this magic we've found.

we stand hand in hand
at the cross roads of our life
with your eyes holding me
right here by your side
and you say..
baby - maybe


br3isme said...

I love everything u said
Amanda's Coats

I will always care bout u


ivy said...

i like this one tooooo!

i'm gonna take a part of it and post in on my myspace.. i hope thats alright with you?

Amanda said...

thanks so much for your comments! I dont mind if you post them on your myspace, but do you think that you could mark them as being by me or put a link to the page? I just want to get credit for them and not have random people saying they are theirs, but im flattered :)