Sunday, September 21, 2008


Seconds slowly tick away
as each moment fades
and we both are left to face the day
I'm locked inside this cage

And as the sun revolves
from here in the west to there in the east
these issues cant be solved
I cant travel all those streets

Now the only glimpse of you I can catch
is those few memories that wander through my mind
and its all I can do to watch my life pass
when its you that I cant find.

Some of my fondest memories are when the days were fast
and the melodies clear
do you remembered when we watched the clouds pass
and we spoke in quiet fear

that steady beat is still clear in my mind
all the words and all the looks
surprisingly kind
time has stolen you away from me like some dirty crook

there isn't anyone who can take the place
that whole deep inside is left hollow
all I have to cling to is that look on your face
and that place there in the meadow

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