Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I've always tried to live a good life,
but honestly - who doesn't?
And at the end of the day
sometimes your best, just isnt good enough.
Because life is one big game,
and some of us dont have the instructions,
were missing a few of the pieces,
we might even have to play with a few cheaters.
But then again - we dont have the rule book,
do we?

And after all this, we keep trying, keep striving
to win, to figure out this game.


When you say "the hell with it" is when you actually escape the cycle.

You start to enjoy living.


Anonymous said...

All of life is a manual, you live, learn and make changes as you go along. It’s one big book and some times you reach a page that’s got a rip in it, so then what? We do the best we can and finish our own story.

Don’t live to PLEASE other people, but do live to try and HELP other people. At the end of each day, if you have made someone’s life a little easier by your helping hand, then it’s been a good day. But don’t expect other people to make you happy, if we set around and wait for our ship to come in, it’ll never come in, we need to swim out to sea, grab an ore and help row the ship in.

Love u, you are a great writer!

Amanda said...

I completly agree with everything you said. The point i was trying to get across was that you cant live trying to please others, or trying to figure out what your life is all about. when you just follow your heart and live with no regrets is when you truley find yourself and your life's purpose.

thanks for your comment :)