Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crossing the Line

I never say anything that I don't mean
but when it comes down to it
the words that were said the things that were seen
cant do anything to change this course
the path that you've taken

and when it all comes down to it you should know
that all those days aren't regretted aren't forgotten
but I've let you go, and you have me
and the remnats of what was and were don't even show

because you are standing in the corner staring at your shoes
and I'm across the room talking
and that line is never crossed, even with nothing to loose
all that was made and agreed to never used

and now I'm running away
from all that awkwardness, all that anger and regret
because its clear you have nothing to say
so I'm searching frantically for another place, where things wont be this way

and when it all comes down to it, you should know that I never look back
I know better than to return to what was
I never look back, but see what could be now, what could be fact
and now I need to get back on track

because neither is willing to cross that line
and when I take a step forward you take a step back
and as the the cold air comes, it blows every thought out of your mind
every look, every time
and now I'm just a fly on the wall not even worth the thought at all

because I never say anything that I don't mean
and your actions and choices you've made have been seen
and I know now what you want, and I know what you wish
but I wont give you this

because I'm worth more than just a brush aside
worth more than just sideways glance
and from my presence you cant hide
because I will always be here
with a smile and a sigh

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