Monday, September 8, 2008

High Above

I wonder if I will ever see you again
Ever stand with you by my side
Because you are far away now
And your voice is just an echo in my mind

How could this happen? how could you be gone?
If I had any choice
I would join you before long

But you are where I can not reach you
You are where I can not spy
The only way to get to you
Is if I could learn how to fly

Fly away to that other place,
That life that I don't know
That and patience,
For someday I know I will have to go

But you are up there now
And I am stuck down here

And it is all I can stand
Not to scream out in fear
Because I need you now
More than ever I know
I need your happiness, your love
To wrap around me and never let go

And I know you're watching me
From way up in the sky
Watching me and protecting me
Till the day I learn how to fly

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